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Use of Information. The material contained on this website is solely and exclusively for informational purposes. The authors of the information contained in this Internet site, as well as any subsidiary, affiliated and / or belonging to the same economic interest group to which ZUMAR CONSULTORES, S.C. belongs. (hereinafter “ZUMAR +”), and / or any other person or institution that intervenes or has intervened in its preparation, dissemination and / or are involved in any other way with it, are not responsible in any way for its content and use, or on decisions or actions taken based on the content of said information, and it cannot be taken in any way as any advice, final or specific advice, since the particular conditions to the case to which it is intended to be applied may change or be different. All use and / or application of the information contained in this website will be the sole responsibility of whoever applies said information. The authors of the information contained in this website, ZUMAR +, and / or any other person or institution that intervenes or has intervened in its preparation, dissemination and / or are involved in any other way with it, reserve the right to update, cancel and / or in any way modify at any time the total or partial content of said information, without prior notice and without liability.


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Responsibilities. ZUMAR +, concerned with offering a reliable and quality site to all its Users, tries to review and update from time to time the elements that make up the content of its site, however, it is pertinent to inform the User that in addition to the exclusions of responsibility that are may specifically mention on this site, including but not limited to, are those mentioned below.


1) ZUMAR + does not assume any responsibility for the operation of this site, nor for any damages and / or losses that the User deems may be derived from the interaction of our site with its computer equipment and / or with the peripheral or parallel accessories of said team and / or with the link lines between your team and our site.


2) ZUMAR + does not guarantee the total or partial availability and continuity of this site or the sections that comprise it. ZUMAR + does not assume any responsibility for any damage and / or loss derived from the lack of continuity and / or availability of connection to your site. 


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4) ZUMAR + does not assume any responsibility for any damage and / or loss derived from: a) The improper use by Users of this site regarding the elements that make up its content; b) the violation or affectation of any industrial or intellectual property right, industrial secret, personality rights, or any other right of third parties, derived from the diffusion, exploitation or storage of any element of our site that is carried out by any third party , whether you are a user, visitor or not of our site; c) the commission of acts of competition or unfair advertising by any third party that has obtained elements of our site; d) the lack of precision, relevance or detail of the content of our site; e) that this site does not meet the expectations of the User or the information is not useful for any specific purpose of said User; f) the operation of any of the hypertexts or links contained in this site and / or for the quality, legality, reliability, and usefulness of the products, services, data or any elements of the content on the linked pages. 


5) By accessing and using our site, at no time or under any circumstance can the User consider that he has any right or licenses for the use and / or exploitation of any of the elements that make up the content of this site.

6) The information on this site is focused on services and information for the market of the United Mexican States, and should only be considered as a visiting site for our Users from any other part of the world. The appearance of products and information on our site does not imply any responsibility regarding their availability, existence, particular characteristics and / or the satisfaction of any other expectations of our Users or visitors.


 7) The information contained on our site, unless expressly mentioned otherwise, should not be considered for any reason as the making of a contract offer made to the User.

8) Any comment, suggestion, proposal, study, offer or in general any type of information that the User sends through emails and / or telephones and / or faxes and / or any other means of communication, will not imply acceptance of ZUMAR + of any type of commitment or obligation for the sending User.


 9) Likewise, emails and / or telephones and / or faxes and / or any other means of communication will not be means accepted by ZUMAR + for the reception of any type of notification, including but not limited to, the of a judicial or extrajudicial nature, demands, summons, requests for authority or any other type of communication, which must be made in writing and delivered in person at the ZUMAR + address located at Av. Armando Birlaing Shaffler 2001, 5th. Floor A Int. 7, Central Park Centro Sur, Querétaro, Qro. C.P. 76090 Only the information sent for consultation or comment purposes, as well as that indicated in subsection 8) above, are excepted from the requirements established in this subsection. 


10) Additional terms and conditions may be applied in other uses of this site, which will be available to the User through a link on our site; terms and conditions that contain clear acceptance or rejection functions made available to the User. Zumar + expressly reserves the right to update these Terms and Conditions at any time. These will be those manifested at the time of access to this site and use by the User. The User is responsible for reviewing the Terms of Use each time they have access to this site to know and, where appropriate, accept the Terms and Conditions in force at the time of their visit. 


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